Before you book a dumpster rental, make sure you know what not to throw away. There are several things to avoid, including trampled footpaths and flower beds. Moreover, which programs make sure you keep the area around your dumpster rental as clean as possible. This will prevent traffic hazards and other inconveniences.

Avoiding traffic hazards

Avoiding traffic hazards is an important part of renting a dumpster. Even if you plan to place the dumpster in a quiet location, you should keep the area safe from passersby. Keep in mind that dump fees vary from $20 to $70 per ton. Additionally, larger dumpsters may cost more than smaller ones.

One way to prevent traffic hazards when renting a dumpster is to use security cameras. These are helpful in deterring unwelcome users but require regular monitoring. These are most effective for problems that occur frequently. The location of the dumpster is also important. If it is located in a high-traffic area, installing security cameras may be the best option.

Stay alert while loading and unloading the dumpster. Often times, dumpster floors are wet or icy. This makes climbing on the dumpster a dangerous activity. When loading the dumpster, be sure to go in through the rear door.

Knowing what to dump in a dumpster

Dumpster rental companies have strict guidelines when it comes to what they will not accept, so it is important to know what is acceptable and what is prohibited before you start filling up your dumpster. You should never dump hazardous items like paint, car batteries, or refrigerators in your dumpster, and you should never throw anything that is toxic or flammable into your dumpster. You should also avoid throwing away any items that are dangerous to the environment, such as tires and aerosol cans.

A dumpster can contain hazardous materials, including sharp objects and germs, so be extremely careful when you dump anything in one. Never try to lift or dig into a dumpster, and never place anything that is too heavy or too sharp in there. It is always best to use a trash bag if you plan to place hazardous materials inside the dumpster.

When it comes to dumpsters rental, there are certain items that you shouldn't dump. Most of these items are toxic or may damage a landfill, so they are best avoided. You can also dispose of medical waste, but this must be handled by a professional.